Mothers of Divine Feminine

She controls everything with her moves and mood swings. Dark is her knowledge more ancient than men. Beauty extends from her roots to the sky. Love is her home.♞

Her Feelings


My wife has a deep connection to her emotions. Weather seems to harmonize with her inner world. The agenda is keep Her happy. Love has many levels. Mothers are the core of it all. A change in mind is a difference in emotions. Men can admit when she’s upset the whole day is screwed up. Like water, a slight action can cause a bigger reaction. The wisdom of men have taught us to tread lightly and cherish the hearts of the divine feminine.

The Sacrifice


Before our arrival we understood the mission was to become something new. From one world to another she offers beauty, milk and honey, structure, support, emotional awareness, soul, and experience. Her sacrifice is coming to such a low place just to raise her children back up.

Showing Gratitude


Society can complicate the simple things in life like gratitude. Standards should never be put on doing something. The importance is the action. Men can be lazy. She loves the effort behind the gift. To inherit the divine feminine one must be humble enough to acknowledge her worth.


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