How to Create Your Own Social Media Platform Step 1 & 2

How To Create Your Own Platform Step 1: Your Email Address

This is part 1 to the series “How to Create Your Own Platform”.


How To Create Your Own Platform Step 2: Your Logo

This is part 2 on How To Create Your Own Platform.

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Stay tuned for part 3…


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The Universe(City)

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Cardinal Light

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Cardinal Light The first vision my eyes perceived were birds. On my journey they've assisted me with earth wisdom. There comes a time and place to leave the nest of time and pursue new territory. I never fear the unknown. All knowledge and guidance received from the most high has given me the strength of endurance. In every way possible I'll give back to that which is connected to the high source. This small offering symbolizes a bridge between time and those beyond it. We're all connected by something inside. Once that's realized, let it be shared so that others can eat the seeds of life and grow a new reality. #birds #feeder #seeds #house #mosthigh #grow #cardinals #symbol #bridge #offering #knowledge #wisdom #connected #territory #journey #reality #unknown #endurance #vision #dreams #perception #earth #nature #time #highsource #thelifeofel

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The Hunger

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