“Bud” is for the kids

Judging someone based on their environment is foolish. I respect those who were born victim to a rough environment but still found a way to ascend into a better life. Terence “Bud” Crawford is one who fits this description. Poverty forced him to become a fighter early as a kid. Becoming pro elevated not only him but the whole city of Omaha, Nebraska. The love and support of his people has fueled him into some of the biggest and exciting fights boxing fans have ever seen.


We should never forget where we come from. And if you are fortunate to rise from your circumstances, use your position to empower others. This is the path Terence Crawford has chosen. He is not only a people’s champ, Bud is for the kids.♞



After history is realized we need to create the next reality for ourselves. The conscious community is starting to become another holding cell for lost souls. Until you find your own divine spark you will fall into traps that you can’t see. Your soul is the flashlight needed to guide your footsteps on earth and in the cosmos. Earth does not restrict a soul. Stay focused on your heart, thoughts, and energy (soul). In due time the life you seek will manifest in its perfection. We are here to destroy imperfection from within and shove it into the fire🔥.


EL RA☄  The Black♞Horseman


The most effective way to live I believe is to apply the trinity. Trinity is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The events that took place yesterday can have you still mentally occupied. In order to release those thoughts, you must conduct a thorough cleanse. Failure to do so can result in immediate illness. Health is connected to your emotions. When the emotions are at dis-ease the body begins to slowly break down. However, you can quickly heal when you cleanse yourself spiritually. Thoughts are the key. Ask yourself…. What thoughts make me feel low? Absorb that moment. Then ask yourself….What makes me feel alive? Now you are back on your path and instantly you begin to regenerate. Remember, thoughts transform every Thing. At this moment you are in the Present that we call gift of Life. We are the Wizards going against all Oz.


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