Eminem shreds Donald Trump in latest freestyle

Eminem rips Donald Trump apart in his latest freestyle on the 2017 Hip Hop Awards. Marshall Mathers is no stranger to being the outcast and taking much redicule for exposing the fake while revealing the truth. The country has fallen into shaky hands. Barack Obama seems to have set the bar extremely high for presidency as Trump continues to struggle with the job appointed.

Addressing the violent attacks in Virginia

Wrong is wrong despite color, religion, or tax bracket. Big ups to those who stand up for truth, justice, and righteousness. The ones who act with hatred in their heart will suffer the consequences to the max. Violence is not the solution to the problems we all experience in America. Unity is needed more now than ever before.

Janet Jackson returns

Janet Jackson does a video letting her fans know she will be back in concert. Even though she’s cashing in on 500 mill from the divorce, she wants to make it up to the fans who she cancelled on once she found out she was pregnant. The Jackson empire just keeps growing bigger and bigger. Time will tell if she will receive the same love and support she once had from the fans. If not, there’s still 500 mill to fall back on.

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