Rising above the darkness


There’s so much in the dark to be afraid of. It doesn’t matter if that darkness is underneath your bed, your closet, or even that shortcut alley way you thought of walking down. Truth is we can’t get away from it. The best choice that can be made is accepting the existence of darkness and facing what you fear within.


Most of what we fear we throw into the darkness. I can’t tell you how terrified of Freddy I was as a child. That ugly sweater and that crispy chicken fingers face was nothing to stare at too long. Not to mention those razor blade garage made claws he flaunted was the icing on the fear cake. The point is he only showed up in the dark. Eventually I gained the courage to go within myself and face all those shadows that haunted me for years. This is your first step towards rising. Within us all is the Sun of the morning. No darkness can defeat you. When that dark hour approaches arm yourself with all your knowledge and confidence. Keep your Eye on the prize. The breaking of a new dawn has arrived.

“Bud” is for the kids

Judging someone based on their environment is foolish. I respect those who were born victim to a rough environment but still found a way to ascend into a better life. Terence “Bud” Crawford is one who fits this description. Poverty forced him to become a fighter early as a kid. Becoming pro elevated not only him but the whole city of Omaha, Nebraska. The love and support of his people has fueled him into some of the biggest and exciting fights boxing fans have ever seen.


We should never forget where we come from. And if you are fortunate to rise from your circumstances, use your position to empower others. This is the path Terence Crawford has chosen. He is not only a people’s champ, Bud is for the kids.♞

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