LeBron James achieves more Greatness

LeBron James somehow maintains a level of hunger that far exceeds any athlete in the NBA today. There’s plenty of other hard working players in the league that work just as hard as James. Passion sets LeBron apart from the league and elevates his play to another level every year. His winning attitude, team work, and leadership is truly inspiring to anyone who is a fan.

Stand up for what’s right.♞

Throughout his career LeBron James has overcome much criticism on his choices as a young man. His upbringing forced him to make decisions that benefited those around him. The day he began making choices for himself and his household was the day he learned who his true supporters were. Ironically James embraced the role of villain and remained focused on his goals and family.


LeBron continues to encourage others to strive for greatness and never let the doubters stop your progress. His achievements continue to expand and he’s no stranger to giving back. Congrats to LeBron James on being the 2016 AP Male Athlete of the year.♞

LeBron James, Zhuri James


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