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Soul Vision:.: Never let them destroy your vision. The agenda was intended to shape your eyes into seeing the lies of illusions. Your mind has no conclusion, only confusion keeps it from expanding. Begin your day with a fresh new outlook on life. Today prepares you for tomorrow. Dwelling on past mistakes only produces sorrow. Deep within your own soul you'll find the beauty and love that makes all creation possible. Always live truthful and forever stay youthful. #newday #past #present #future #love #beauty #truth #youth #creation #soul #deep #life #fresh #elements #nature #possibility #infinite #paradise #lightbringersnation #blackhorseman #blackhorsemanpromotions #bhpromotions

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Mothers of Divine Feminine

She controls everything with her moves and mood swings. Dark is her knowledge more ancient than men. Beauty extends from her roots to the sky. Love is her home.♞

Her Feelings


My wife has a deep connection to her emotions. Weather seems to harmonize with her inner world. The agenda is keep Her happy. Love has many levels. Mothers are the core of it all. A change in mind is a difference in emotions. Men can admit when she’s upset the whole day is screwed up. Like water, a slight action can cause a bigger reaction. The wisdom of men have taught us to tread lightly and cherish the hearts of the divine feminine.

The Sacrifice


Before our arrival we understood the mission was to become something new. From one world to another she offers beauty, milk and honey, structure, support, emotional awareness, soul, and experience. Her sacrifice is coming to such a low place just to raise her children back up.

Showing Gratitude


Society can complicate the simple things in life like gratitude. Standards should never be put on doing something. The importance is the action. Men can be lazy. She loves the effort behind the gift. To inherit the divine feminine one must be humble enough to acknowledge her worth.


Who is the Black Horseman? Ch.3


Mom Returns


She had on a white uniform when I saw her. Her beauty was naturally captivating, bringing a smile to my face. Without hesitating my brothers and I ran up to her as she embraced us with open arms. The weather was sunny with a California breeze. My Father came out to see what all the commotion was about. At his first glance of my mom his face lit up. She approached the porch where he nervously stood. Her stride was confident and athletic. Before my twin and I were born, my Mom was selected for the Olympics to compete in track and field. Without question, my athleticism and fiery energy comes from her. I forever cherish her sacrifice to give me life and put her career on hold.

My father was still in love with my mom. He couldn’t stop hugging her. They talked briefly about something. My assumption is it involved us spending time with my mother because shortly after we left with packed bags. The drive with her was like an adventure. I’ve always loved the mystery of not knowing where I’m going. It’s a boy wild at heart type of feeling. We arrived downtown around many vendors selling all of their goods. Mom emptied out the wallet to show us her love. Nothing felt better to have on fresh new Super Mario outfits with a tribal necklace. Our little spirits were high as ever stretching deep into the cosmos with joy. My brothers and I got treated to some of the best seafood at Redondo Beach. Seeing my youngest brother happy again meant a lot more than my own. The connection between my mother and younger brother was reestablished.



The breakup forced me to be held back in kindergarten. I think back on it and wish I had just been skipped to 1st grade. My first full year of school was successful. Academically I soared at the top of the class receiving multiple certificates and a trophy. Shortly after the school year my brothers and I learned we were spending the summer with mom. This was my first time leaving Los Angeles. The ride was joyful, filled with music, and lots of laughter. My mother’s humor gave us another side to play on. She always smiled and made sure there was never a dull moment with her. We arrived in a nice looking neighborhood full of excitement. My mother gave us an outside tour getting us familiar with the new environment. Her favorite display was her brown Volks Wagen bug car. I didn’t see what all the fuss was over a weird looking vehicle but she seemed happy with it. She escorted us inside and we met him for the first time.

 I finally met the man who was responsible for the breakup. He was aggressive and confident in his demeanor. His physique was heavy and he wore glasses. My mother became like a child in his presence. Meeting RJ for the first time was unexpected. I didn’t care for him too much because I was unaware of who he was. Living with him over the summer didn’t change my feelings about him. My mother took us out regularly and made sure we enjoyed being away from home with my dad. When the summer concluded my brothers and i became sad. We knew we had to return back to Los Angeles because school was getting ready to start. The hurt we felt was so strong that my mother decided to keep us in Burbank with her and RJ.

Moreno Valley


I had never seen an Asian person before. My first day of 1st grade was uncomfortable. My teacher was Chinese and I barely could make out her speech. For the first time I wasn’t getting an education in the ghetto. Everyone in my class I assumed  was smart. Especially because they understood what the teacher was saying and I didn’t. I eventually adjusted to the new school and made new friends. RJ grew uncomfortable with living close to where my father resides even though it was thirty minutes away. My father was still furious about the breakup. I can recall leaving church one Sunday from visiting my father. My mom and RJ decided to pick us up without informing my father who was playing the organ at the time. He flipped! RJ fled the scene to avoid my father’s violent assault on church grounds. Months after the altercation RJ decided we should move. My mom one day told us we would be living in a nice city called Moreno Valley.

The van descended a steep road that led into a cul de sac. She was right about everything. Moreno Valley was absolutely beautiful. There were mountains, trees, and beautiful houses everywhere. The city was low in population at the time we moved there but perfect to start a new life. I knew I was beginning a new adventure and had little regret about leaving Los Angeles.

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Stay tuned for Ch.4… Honey Hollow, Aisha, Vista Heights, and Vista Verde.. Who is the Black Horseman?

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