The Dark Tower

The Tower resided on the red side of Compton, CA. Piru’s made sure the only blue in sight was the sky. Patterns were consistently sprayed on the concrete sidewalk after sun fall. Smog was the daily inhale. Everyone is infected.

The Mediator


Funerals were a regular occurrence on the weekends. Usually the same hymn played its tune for the ceremony. A pale Christ appeared stained on a thick colorful glass window. With hands of prayer He looks to the sky as to gaze upon the Father. Beneath him is a pulpit of death. Casket colors change as do the  lower vessel.

The Dragon Dream


RJ walked side by side with a man unknown to me. For a moment it felt I was with them but not once did they acknowledge or look my direction. Suddenly they turned around frightened by the first glance. Without hesitating RJ and the stranger sprinted away down a dark alley. Before I could turn around a giant black wing knocked me to the ground. Partially conscious, I glanced upon a black dragon towering over me. I slipped into a deep darkness and resurrected. The dragon was gone but my Father stood in the exact same spot where I was attacked. A smile was released before I was lifted from the ground and embraced with safety.

Nightmare of Faith 


Three years passed but the dreams remained consistent. I thought a new location would make me forget about the Tower. Instead I had brought the darkness with me. Fear kept me in a place I hated. My soul became temporarily trapped in a nightmare. Demons wanted my flesh. Fluid reduced my pace tremendously. They chased me through the Tower reminding me I’m inhale.



California Angels

Extreme times arose in the 1980s. Families were forced to call on their ancestors for wisdom and courage. Angels fell from heaven bringing justice, order, truth, and love. Immediately they were attacked by demons on arrival. Many were defeated and taken captive as slaves where they were tortured. The strongest fought courageously with the heart of a lion and solidified their legacy in California.

War Zone


California was a beautiful nightmare growing up. The unexpected could occur on a pleasant day. Sunny skies made it easy to forget how dangerous it was living in Los Angeles. Cool breeze and mountain views disguised the hot tempers that flared between local rival gang members. Many of us adapted to a life of various colors. Conflict regularly arose once territorial boundaries were compromised. Respect became the ultimate theme that spread throughout the city. The movies exposed our lifestyle to the rest of the world making us iconic.

Native Thugs


The curse of being a California angel became more difficult as the gang affiliation brand grew throughout American states. Native Americans had never appeared this way before. Bow and arrow has now transformed to a pistol and machete. Bison are no longer the sacred hunt. Gangs now kill each other for sport.

Pleasing the Master


Our ancestors would acknowledge many high spirits. Today most of us pray only to one being who is believed to be in control over all things. Despite the environment we are a product of, we were taught that our sins are forgiven through the Son. However this belief only influenced a life of doubt and fear. Life is pressure itself, but pleasing someone who we cannot see creates an illusion. This is the world most of us occupy.

Bound by Desire


Desires have become our ultimate test. The matrix was designed with the intent of capturing thoughts. Possessions are ruled by a force be it known or not. Engaging unconsciously can lead to someone becoming possessed. The most common reaction is aggression when an individual loses what they value. Angels know the importance of remaining detached from the physical world but not out of touch.

Getting your Wings


Through life lessons humans become gods, gods become angels, angels become ancestors, and ancestors become stars. Experience is something each role offers. Upon success a legacy will be left behind as one who ascended like Christ or Buddha. Angels were sent here to guide and protect the living. The task is tremendous but worth it in the end. To live the life of an Angel one must undergo extreme tests. Completing the mission ensures rewards on earth for all eternity.♞

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