The Misconceptions About DEATH!

This is my personal opinion on the subject of DEATH and the misconceptions revolving around it.

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The Dark Tower

The Tower resided on the red side of Compton, CA. Piru’s made sure the only blue in sight was the sky. Patterns were consistently sprayed on the concrete sidewalk after sun fall. Smog was the daily inhale. Everyone is infected.

The Mediator


Funerals were a regular occurrence on the weekends. Usually the same hymn played its tune for the ceremony. A pale Christ appeared stained on a thick colorful glass window. With hands of prayer He looks to the sky as to gaze upon the Father. Beneath him is a pulpit of death. Casket colors change as do the  lower vessel.

The Dragon Dream


RJ walked side by side with a man unknown to me. For a moment it felt I was with them but not once did they acknowledge or look my direction. Suddenly they turned around frightened by the first glance. Without hesitating RJ and the stranger sprinted away down a dark alley. Before I could turn around a giant black wing knocked me to the ground. Partially conscious, I glanced upon a black dragon towering over me. I slipped into a deep darkness and resurrected. The dragon was gone but my Father stood in the exact same spot where I was attacked. A smile was released before I was lifted from the ground and embraced with safety.

Nightmare of Faith 


Three years passed but the dreams remained consistent. I thought a new location would make me forget about the Tower. Instead I had brought the darkness with me. Fear kept me in a place I hated. My soul became temporarily trapped in a nightmare. Demons wanted my flesh. Fluid reduced my pace tremendously. They chased me through the Tower reminding me I’m inhale.



Season 3 Episode 4| The Leftovers

This season has already surpassed the last one and its only 4 shows in. I’m sure a lot of viewers are lost. None of this will make sense to many. If you don’t understand astrology and mythology, you’ll never grasp “The Leftovers”.

Nora the “Cancer”


Nora is a “Cancer” woman. She’s sensitive about children. In this episode, a random woman approaches her with a child unknown to her. The lady begs Nora to watch her infant until she completes her job interview. Her cancer nature wouldn’t allow her the strength to resist a baby. Nora constantly struggles with the past memories of losing her children. Her role represents the energy of the moon as the divine nurturer. Her compassion keeps her mortal.

Kevin the Anubis figure


Kevin is an 8th house deity. He occupies the house of Libra, the 7th house and Scorpio the 8th house. Miracle acknowledges Kevin as a christ figure. Deep in the mysterious occult, he uses his power to destroy then recreate a new life. He holds the key to life and death. His Libra Venus traits keep him grounded in love, relationships, and law while his Scorpio traits keep him fighting with spirits ruled by Mars. Kevin brings order and chaos all at the same time. He is a “god” being.

8th House 


This episode plays out through the 8th House zodiac traits. You’ll see where Nora approaches the building with the number 8 in red. The initials above the doorway display HQ. The alpha numerology converts these letters into H/8, and Q/17=8. The beginning shows you the strong sexual energy associated with Scorpio. Nora and Kevin both experience transformations that change their lives. Kevin goes into the 9th House Saggitarius🔥(Australia), leaving his old  life behind where he is guided by his father. Nora realizes she’s not who she thought she was. Her unwillingness to let go of the memories keep her restricted to Miracle. In the same manner, the moon is restricted to earth. Nora’s role must play these characteristics out.


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