The Dark Tower

The Tower resided on the red side of Compton, CA. Piru’s made sure the only blue in sight was the sky. Patterns were consistently sprayed on the concrete sidewalk after sun fall. Smog was the daily inhale. Everyone is infected.

The Mediator


Funerals were a regular occurrence on the weekends. Usually the same hymn played its tune for the ceremony. A pale Christ appeared stained on a thick colorful glass window. With hands of prayer He looks to the sky as to gaze upon the Father. Beneath him is a pulpit of death. Casket colors change as do the  lower vessel.

The Dragon Dream


RJ walked side by side with a man unknown to me. For a moment it felt I was with them but not once did they acknowledge or look my direction. Suddenly they turned around frightened by the first glance. Without hesitating RJ and the stranger sprinted away down a dark alley. Before I could turn around a giant black wing knocked me to the ground. Partially conscious, I glanced upon a black dragon towering over me. I slipped into a deep darkness and resurrected. The dragon was gone but my Father stood in the exact same spot where I was attacked. A smile was released before I was lifted from the ground and embraced with safety.

Nightmare of Faith 


Three years passed but the dreams remained consistent. I thought a new location would make me forget about the Tower. Instead I had brought the darkness with me. Fear kept me in a place I hated. My soul became temporarily trapped in a nightmare. Demons wanted my flesh. Fluid reduced my pace tremendously. They chased me through the Tower reminding me I’m inhale.




Raise Your Frequency


“Meditate on what you want to see. Life is truly what you make it to be.”♞

Follow the “Red Horseman”

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Treasure Hunt

@el_ra_11>Happiness is not about gaining more than the next person. It is about getting to a place where you personally feel will make you happy. I'm not talking about a fantasy but a real physical place. The first step is using the imagination as a GPS system. Once you have the vision then you can determine your direction. To embark upon your path takes fuel just like any other vehicle during travel. This is your own life energy that is essential to reaching this divine place no matter how far away it might be. Happiness isn't money. Money follows once you know the vision. How much money you acquire will depend on how big the dream is. Money will be the resource that helps you get to the vision therefore producing the result that you seek. Most of us get trapped chasing after money instead of the vision. If you have the vision the money will chase you. Without a vision you put yourself in a trap house chasing after a resource that has no emotional effect. The physical destination holds the happiness that you empower it with because you choose to place it there like a lost treasure. Find this lost treasure and regain the wealth of the soul. This is truly the purpose of us all to reach a level we thought we couldn't and pursue the next one producing a rich life.♞ #treasure #vision #money #wealth #rich #energy #fuel #soul #happiness #destination #physical #trap #lost #imagination #fantasy #dream #level #life #living #purpose #emotion #empower #bhpromotions #bhp

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