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Who is the Black Horseman♞? Ch.4 Part 2


Honey Hollow marked a time period that transcended my early environment. Los Angeles made me conscious very early. Even though i lived in a better place my family and I kept going back for various reasons. Church was the household tradition. My mother stayed busy with musical engagements while doing hair and taking care of us. RJ kept the home filled with the luxuries from his music group money. Ultimately I believe that’s what persuaded my mother’s decision to be with him. He aggressively goes after what he wants spending little time thinking things through. For this reason, we experienced much chaos losing house after house even living with another family at one point. It was like being high on cocaine and heroine at the same time. RJ would tell us his drug using experiences from the past. The stories he told would be so bazaar that i developed a unique sense of humor. Laughing became my therapy in tough situations.

Vista Heights


She was strict as hell. Ms Kuzey was way cooler than Ms Leaf. She kept her eyes fixed on us at all times it seemed. Sometimes I’d look up to see if Ms. Leaf was looking and she’d be staring right at me. Honestly it was like being in detention for a whole year but it definitely improved my focus in class. The house rule was to have good grades in order to play sports. Football was my passion and escape from the discomfort of being home. I put my heart into it gaining starting positions at running back and defensive corner. Winning became my childhood addiction. That competitive fire got me into a lot of fights. I took a lot of pride in knowing how to defend myself. I was willing at any given time to show anyone who opposed. However things changed when i got to sixth grade.


Junior High was another level for me as a young boy. I got used to being the big kid in fifth grade and now half the students at my school were bigger than me. Vista Heights was well populated with mixed races, mostly black, hispanic, and white. Even athletically i quickly learned i wasn’t at the top of the all star list. These kids were energetic, and aggressive. To make matters worst Vista Heights was right next door to a High School. We’d get out of school all at the same time. This had to be the worst idea ever. The traffic was terrible and students were everywhere.

One day this brown van rolled up in the middle of the street blocking traffic. At first glance it seemed he was tall then stepped down from the back of the van. He stood only 5 foot 2 or 3.  The little Mexican immediately approached a tall Black crip. Within a few seconds a fight erupted between the two. The little Mexican had super fast hands and feet taking advantage of the crip with lightning hooks thrown. Car horns rang that sunny afternoon. Height was a non factor in this fight. Speed definitely kills and the little Mexican convinced me as I watched him stomp his opponent out relentlessly. Thankfully he retreated from his aggressive assault and jumped back in the van. The tall crip slowly got to his feet as his homie placed his cap back on his kinky afro. I learned a lot from watching that fight. Be fast and be first.

Stay tuned for Ch.5… Back in the hood, Vista Verde

Peace to all the Light Bringers and all those who promote Peace, Love, and Harmony. This is the “Black Horseman”♞EL RA☥

Who is the Black Horseman? Ch.4 Part 1


Honey Hollow


My new neighborhood was far from the hoods of Los Angeles. The scenery alone would motivate the average person to work multiple jobs just to live there. My brothers and I made new friends. This was definitely something new to have white and hispanic friends. Only a few Black American families lived on our street. My brothers and I never discriminated as long as you were real.

My mother enrolled us into Honey Hollow Elementary School during the Fall of 1989. I maintained the knowledge that I acquired from my previous school with my Asian teacher in Burbank. The new kid on the block energy didn’t ware off until the end of the school year. During the summer my brothers and I explored the nearby neighborhoods via bicycles or on foot depending on the mood. Moreno Valley became a playground to me. I became very diverse in my views on other people because of the frequent interaction I maintained with them at a young age.


My first tackle football coach was a white cop. He had a firm and mean demeanor but taught us how to be winners. I am forever appreciative to my mother for understanding the type of energy my brothers and I shared. We stuck together and fought anyone who opposed us. This mind set transferred into the sport of football. Despite the opinions on the safety of the sport I’ve gained the structure needed to make it anywhere in life. Football teaches humility, team work, focus, dependability, and many other great qualities that develop the skills of young men. Sports became an outlet that permitted the release of emotions that I definitely was still working out as a child. Being away from my father became an empty space of uncertainty.  I knew deep inside my unfulfilled heart was a boy of adventure and I decided to let him live.


RJ made a lot of money from the music industry. We rarely lacked material things. Many mistook my family for being rich. Little did they know the spending habits in our household were atrocious. I’ve lived in some beautiful houses for sure but the others are not worth mentioning. I learned about the music industry at a young age. One thing I admired about RJ was his great singing voice. Being around his vocal influence inspired me to develop my very own voice. His personal demons kept me at bay but I always knew when it was safe to be in his presence.


She didn’t seem interested at all in 3rd grade. It wasn’t until my brothers and I won the talent show by singing a love song. I’m not going to lie, she was the prettiest girl in school and I was terrified to speak to her at first. She became my girlfriend after she spit on me for kissing her. I tried to kiss and run but it followed like a heat seeking missile and landed flat on my face. Definitely a top 5 most nastiest moments on my list. Being stubborn is definitely one of my many human flaws. I forgave her and she actually liked the kiss. She dumped me shortly after the beginning of 5th grade.

…Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Chapter 4

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