Broken Wings

I fearlessly leaped into an unknown land prematurely. My wings never worked. Even to this day I look up and wonder how life would have been to fly the highest altitudes. Instead I’ve fallen into a deep abyss.


Time passed as I adjusted to humanity. Hardships forced me further into density. Heaven seemed millions of light years away as poverty darkened my dreams. Thoughts of soaring the limitless skies quickly faded as i watched misery conquer the lives of many, including myself. Temporary happiness became my high as unhappy experiences grew stronger.


Acceptance is the first step to growth. Once I realized I was never going to fly, I started to run faster. This is where I am whether it’s the right destination or not. Better days will come only if I work for it. I must remain grounded, focused, and prepared for the worst because I know it’s coming. The way I respond will prove how determined I am to endure every experience. I hope to learn every lesson taught. One day I will dream about soaring the skies again. Until then, I will be the most determined creature walking on two legs.



I Ride

I Ride

A poem by Black Horseman♞

I ride for my people. I am the Black Horseman. I ride for the ones that gave up on life. I ride for my family, ones alive and passed on. I ride for righteousness until the world is infected, with a pure heart and wisdom of ages before this one. I ride to see the end of the world. The fear I embrace and explore the unknown. I ride with justice because he attacks with truth. He’s a leader of the people and a example to the youth. I ride because of love. She deserves the whole pie. I ride because without her I wouldn’t be alive. Guitars and violins prove we’re controlled by strings. I ride for music and the effect that it brings.♞

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Hymn Rise


I like to dive deep where sheep can float\ sink a boat like an iceberg rock solid physical\ hidden under a layer of dust\ inner fuss over what’s even reality\ lost in a galaxy\ spiral hole with a soul and a glow\ now I’m looked at strangely\ he must be deranged\ cuz he turned down the fame and became a damn mane?

I politely decline let me rewind to a place\ in time where life wasn’t a crime\ locked in time\ limited rise through the spine\ intertwined earth sun and air\ with two heirs on the throne\ babies but act grown\ never worried about the fear of being alone\ home is where we at\ You can be mad at that\ or accept the fact\ your anger is like crack🔥\♞

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