Our Youth

There’s a lot of things that we can get caught up doing. Let’s remember that “Our Youth” are most important. Without them there will be no future for humanity. Parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, leaders, and anyone who values life should always have the youth at the forefront of their agenda. Peace and love to all who promote peace, love, and harmony. This is the “Black Horseman”♞ EL RA☥

Soul Vision

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Soul Vision:.: Never let them destroy your vision. The agenda was intended to shape your eyes into seeing the lies of illusions. Your mind has no conclusion, only confusion keeps it from expanding. Begin your day with a fresh new outlook on life. Today prepares you for tomorrow. Dwelling on past mistakes only produces sorrow. Deep within your own soul you'll find the beauty and love that makes all creation possible. Always live truthful and forever stay youthful. #newday #past #present #future #love #beauty #truth #youth #creation #soul #deep #life #fresh #elements #nature #possibility #infinite #paradise #lightbringersnation #blackhorseman #blackhorsemanpromotions #bhpromotions

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The Pit

The Pit 

Through the valley of pain and fear I would ride. When the road got rocky I never ran nor did I hide. I stayed facing all the obstacles in my path. Conquering one challenge made me glad. Emotions swayed back and forth as life progressed. Stress and worry ruled my thoughts with no rest. I was born in the Fall. Failure revealed what was once hidden. This life was thought out before it was written. I admit, I come from the dirt. I know very well oppression and hurt. The future is familiar but the past I can’t recall. Grounded in truth I’m prepared to face it all.♞

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