Who is the Black Horseman? Ch.2



The Streets

Early Environment

I quickly learned how much freedom I had once the breakup occurred. The outdoors became my escape from everything within. My brothers and I explored the gang infested streets of L.A. like a video game. Being surrounded by danger became a normal day. OG’s became astonished by our fearlessness and freedom at such a young age. We became the neighborhood kids that everyone would always see but didn’t know.


The Park

My Escape

The park was my greatest adventure as a kid. I embraced the challenge everyday to walk a mile away with my brothers to the biggest park i’ve ever seen. All the ice cream trucks would come to this one park knowing all the kids would be there. I would hear the ice cream truck music so much that I started to memorize the songs. Somehow we would talk dad into giving us ice cream money almost everyday. Little did he know, I was buying chili cheese fritos instead of ice cream. My father rested throughout the day so he never knew where we were half the time. My childhood became an everyday search for more thrills and excitement. I learned within one year of the breakup how to become independent and protective over my brothers.


Fighting for respect

The Green Horseman

My fiercest physical rival ever is my own twin brother. He and I were born 9 minutes apart, him being the older of us two. The story goes we were fighting in the womb. My narration describes a right hook that knocked him out which is why I came out second. However the facts played out, I’ve fought him since my first moments of consciousness. He’s my best friend and worst enemy all at the same time. We understand our energy and when opposed you must be ready for war. I respect him and vice versa for that reason.

With our no back down mentality we fought frequently amongst each other and together in the streets. Our reputation grew becoming known simply as the Twins. With a younger brother our responsibility became protectors over him and to give Emmanuel a calm life. Hard as it was without mom in his life put more pressure on us to make sure younger brother was happy. My older cousin Shawn watched after us and taught us literally how to fight. Without his guidance at that young age we might not have survived the streets. He has been shot and even got a few hot items from the Rodney King riots. Needless to say I didn’t adopt all of his qualities but I definitely took the good ones.

Stay tuned for Ch.3..Mom returns, Burbank, and Moreno Valley..

Who is the Black Horseman?

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