Tank wants the Title

Gervonta “Tank” Davis faces IBF belt holder Jose Pedraza for his first title attempt. Mayweather is his promoter and Al Hamon is his manager. Davis is a southpaw boxer puncher with lightning speed and one punch knockout power. Check out his highlights below.⬇


Final Faceoff⬇


Floyd Mayweather trains Soulja Boy

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made some questionable decisions since he’s retired from the sport of boxing. He’s been in and out of the media lately trending on topics that tarnishes his image as a role model to his fans/followers. Despite gaining 9 figure paydays, Mayweather is always in pursuit of more lucrative paydays and expanding his brand to a bigger audience.


The decision to train Soulja Boy shows that Floyd Mayweather is willing to work with anyone as long as it benefits him financially. Soulja has been trending for the past few weeks but for all the wrong reasons. However, Floyd Mayweather is a business man. He understands that it’s important for him to always be in the lime light even if it requires him to be ridiculed and judged for his decisions.

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