Peace and Prosperity

Visualize what you wish to see for your life. Everyday distractions can delay the meditation needed to promote you to the next level. Dedicate 20 minutes a day to Meditate. Your intentions must be grounded in relaxation and peace of mind.


Exercise helps to relieve physical tension and release low energy. Busy schedules can push daily physical activities to the bottom of the agenda. Everyone has wonderful excuses to not be active but the least we all can do is stretch. This too relieves stress and helps to focus energy within. Stretching should immediately follow getting up out of bed. One injury can cancel all plans for that day. No excuses, work it out.


End the day always with peace. Find a quiet area and go into your inner world. Imagine the life you want to live and focus your whole energy there. Your reality will slowly change form. Chaos will occur at first but this only symbolizes the old world ending. Realize the change when it occurs and give your gratitude to the higher power. Keep going until you reach your heavenly platform.


Wealth Altars

Peace and love to all the Light Bringers. Stay motivated as we start a new week. Your energy is most important when pondering your intentions. Focus on your career and what needs stability in your life at this time. #lightbringersnation

Rising above the darkness


There’s so much in the dark to be afraid of. It doesn’t matter if that darkness is underneath your bed, your closet, or even that shortcut alley way you thought of walking down. Truth is we can’t get away from it. The best choice that can be made is accepting the existence of darkness and facing what you fear within.


Most of what we fear we throw into the darkness. I can’t tell you how terrified of Freddy I was as a child. That ugly sweater and that crispy chicken fingers face was nothing to stare at too long. Not to mention those razor blade garage made claws he flaunted was the icing on the fear cake. The point is he only showed up in the dark. Eventually I gained the courage to go within myself and face all those shadows that haunted me for years. This is your first step towards rising. Within us all is the Sun of the morning. No darkness can defeat you. When that dark hour approaches arm yourself with all your knowledge and confidence. Keep your Eye on the prize. The breaking of a new dawn has arrived.

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