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Janet Jackson returns

Janet Jackson does a video letting her fans know she will be back in concert. Even though she’s cashing in on 500 mill from the divorce, she wants to make it up to the fans who she cancelled on once she found out she was pregnant. The Jackson empire just keeps growing bigger and bigger. Time will tell if she will receive the same love and support she once had from the fans. If not, there’s still 500 mill to fall back on.

I Ride

I Ride

A poem by Black Horseman♞

I ride for my people. I am the Black Horseman. I ride for the ones that gave up on life. I ride for my family, ones alive and passed on. I ride for righteousness until the world is infected, with a pure heart and wisdom of ages before this one. I ride to see the end of the world. The fear I embrace and explore the unknown. I ride with justice because he attacks with truth. He’s a leader of the people and a example to the youth. I ride because of love. She deserves the whole pie. I ride because without her I wouldn’t be alive. Guitars and violins prove we’re controlled by strings. I ride for music and the effect that it brings.♞

“I Ride” Movie Campaign⬇




“I’m Dreaming” by Kiing Calii

“I’m Dreaming” by Kiing Calii

Kiing Calii vocally embodies his own pain, struggle, and will power. He is definitely one of the strongest and creative people I’ve ever know in this existence. Let’s absorb the essence of this “Dream” and Real Eyes who we truly are.⬇

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Passion Practice

1 year ago I picked up the guitar and started another journey. I learned that what you do habitually becomes your structure (Earth). “Why not try to create a world of melodies”? I asked myself. This persuaded me to name my second daughter Harmony. This is me practicing a passion that teaches me rhythm, tone, and the ability to transfer emotion into vibration. #bhpromotions #headphones

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