Stay on your Path

Remove negative people from your life and plan for what you want in life. Peace and love.

Our Youth

There’s a lot of things that we can get caught up doing. Let’s remember that “Our Youth” are most important. Without them there will be no future for humanity. Parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, leaders, and anyone who values life should always have the youth at the forefront of their agenda. Peace and love to all who promote peace, love, and harmony. This is the “Black Horseman”♞ EL RA☥

Peace and Prosperity

Visualize what you wish to see for your life. Everyday distractions can delay the meditation needed to promote you to the next level. Dedicate 20 minutes a day to Meditate. Your intentions must be grounded in relaxation and peace of mind.


Exercise helps to relieve physical tension and release low energy. Busy schedules can push daily physical activities to the bottom of the agenda. Everyone has wonderful excuses to not be active but the least we all can do is stretch. This too relieves stress and helps to focus energy within. Stretching should immediately follow getting up out of bed. One injury can cancel all plans for that day. No excuses, work it out.


End the day always with peace. Find a quiet area and go into your inner world. Imagine the life you want to live and focus your whole energy there. Your reality will slowly change form. Chaos will occur at first but this only symbolizes the old world ending. Realize the change when it occurs and give your gratitude to the higher power. Keep going until you reach your heavenly platform.

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