Honoring a Goddess


On this day March 12th, you chose to express your essence on this planet. You were the one who honored the union of your niece and I on wedding day. I do appreciate you for protecting and guiding my Queen when we were separated. A natural warrior, you approached all situations with love and never let anyone take advantage of you. The short time I knew you has produced great lessons that I now inherit eternally. Rest in your own paradises and peace always to your soul Rita.♞

Hymn Rise


I like to dive deep where sheep can float\ sink a boat like an iceberg rock solid physical\ hidden under a layer of dust\ inner fuss over what’s even reality\ lost in a galaxy\ spiral hole with a soul and a glow\ now I’m looked at strangely\ he must be deranged\ cuz he turned down the fame and became a damn mane?

I politely decline let me rewind to a place\ in time where life wasn’t a crime\ locked in time\ limited rise through the spine\ intertwined earth sun and air\ with two heirs on the throne\ babies but act grown\ never worried about the fear of being alone\ home is where we at\ You can be mad at that\ or accept the fact\ your anger is like crack🔥\♞

Transformation through Cleaning

Today the Moon and Saturn occupy the sign of Scorpio. Emotions will be strong in the areas of home and your inner self. Utilize this day to get rid of the junk around the house. main-imgClean the house from top to bottom and redecorate. Many underestimate the power of cleaning and changing your visual environment. Some consider this a form of magic. Apply the necessary energy at home to transform your emotional experience. Saturn forces us to deal with the harsh reality of what we feel at this time. Avoiding your emotions will only delay spiritual progress.

Peace and Love to all the Light Bringers.☥

Cosmic Web

Observing life of all kind is necessary to grow and transform your next reality. When the Web gets ripped we must rebuild it better than the last one. The journey is yours. Choose your next study and be sure it levels you up.♞

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