Broken Wings

I fearlessly leaped into an unknown land prematurely. My wings never worked. Even to this day I look up and wonder how life would have been to fly the highest altitudes. Instead I’ve fallen into a deep abyss.


Time passed as I adjusted to humanity. Hardships forced me further into density. Heaven seemed millions of light years away as poverty darkened my dreams. Thoughts of soaring the limitless skies quickly faded as i watched misery conquer the lives of many, including myself. Temporary happiness became my high as unhappy experiences grew stronger.


Acceptance is the first step to growth. Once I realized I was never going to fly, I started to run faster. This is where I am whether it’s the right destination or not. Better days will come only if I work for it. I must remain grounded, focused, and prepared for the worst because I know it’s coming. The way I respond will prove how determined I am to endure every experience. I hope to learn every lesson taught. One day I will dream about soaring the skies again. Until then, I will be the most determined creature walking on two legs.


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